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Be the date you wish you had.

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Our Insiders earn exclusive access to free dinners, parties and events.

Join an incredible community of ambassadors telling the story about the only dating app that values your time and actually gets you on dates.
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Party and dine on the house with The Round's Insider community. Top insiders receive invites to curated dinners, cocktail parties and chef tastings.

We host tight-knit gatherings for our ambassadors so you can build your personal and professional networks while getting the most out of unique experiences with others.


We thoughtfully handpick each venue partner to ensure our top referring Insiders get incredible dining perks when they're out on the town.

From discounts at delicious hole-in-the-walls to early access at brand new clubs, we hook it up so you can enjoy incredible dining experiences for less.


Being an ambassador will not only push you professionally and personally, but will also be an amazing way to meet incredible people who believe in similar dating values.

In building The Round's community, you'll forge strong relationships, connect with like-minded movers and shakers and cultivate important marketing and relationship skills to further your career and personal growth goals.



Build community of like-minded singles by reaching out to bars, restaurants, and influencers for partnerships, events and other collaboration opportunities.


Chat with friends, post on social media and host community events to share the advantages of The Round's ghost and flake-free dating experience.


Work with tastemakers to create magic moments for our community by bringing unique experiences, pop-ups and activations to life.



You like to get sh*t done and are not afraid to call the shots and stick with your decision when nobody will take the time to do so.


You want to grow personally and professionally by searching for unique environments that push you out of your comfort zone.


You love growing social circles and spreading the word. You make friends and bring people together by hosting parties and events.


You understand it's not good enough to just make the first move. Planning takes initiative and you're not afraid to go for it.


You’re passionate about your creative expression. You take pride in your efforts and how you show up in the world for others.


You're constantly sharing new events and activities in your city, with friends, always curious to try out new things around town.

Be the date you wish you had.

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