Converse Like a Pro: 5 Easy Conversation Starters on Date

Emily Merrell

There are so many things you're not supposed to talk about on a date like religion, sex and politics, so what can we talk about? We've compiled a list of our favorite conversation starters so you don't have to waste any more energy on it.

1. Food and Restaurants

The easiest conversation starter out there is talking about food and restaurants in your city. "what's your favorite food?" or "do you have a favorite Mexican restaurant, I'm on a quest for the best burrito." Everyone loves helping you solve a problem.

2. Traffic... Honk Honk

Believe us on this one. People LOVE talking about traffic or public transportation. For example, if you were running late complain about the recent subway delays or road closures. This conversation can easily lead into discussing various neighborhoods, problems with the local government and other issues the city should address.

3. Netflix Sans Chill

Our society is always on the search for the next GOT or Netflix binge. Did you just finish The Act and want to discuss it with your date? It'll be a great way to see if you're aligned on your TV watching, recommend some future date night watching activities and to add a few new shows to your list.

4. Newsletters and Media

At the Round we're obsessed with The Hustle, Newsette, The Daily Beast, Fortune to name a few newsletters we read daily. How does your date consume their media? Might you learn a think or two from them.

5. You're From Where?

Everyone loves to talk about themselves. Ask your date about where they grew up. You shouldn't have to ask them too many questions to get them talking.

We want to hear from you! What are some of your favorite date conversation starters, comment below!

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