5 Ways We're Changing Online Dating

The Round Team

Tired of making the first move? Try making some plans.

Everything has moved online. From ordering food and networking to forging new friendships. However, when it comes to love, we’re quick to discount the idea of finding it via an app. Our day-to-day lives are increasingly defined by technology, yet we still make judgments about how people meet.

These judgments aside, it’s quite clear we aren’t shying away from dating apps and websites. It’s actually the opposite - over 50 million Millennials and counting have tried online dating at least once. It’s safe to say, online dating is not going away.

So why does online dating often make us feel like a number, not a person? Popular dating apps give us plenty of ways to connect digitally: we can swipe right on people we’re attracted to, make the first move and chat in real time (how lucky we are to be able to send strangers cute gifs of puppies, too)! Curiously, however, we are never encouraged to arrange a date and meet face-to-face.

This might be why a third of us have never actually met a match in person. Top dating apps were actually designed to keep us hooked, just like that gigantic catfish we all try to avoid...

The ball is in our court, and we’re changing the rules

We're here to shake things up. One daily round. One match. One date. It's all you need to succeed.

We’ve aligned The Round's unique in-app experience with your goals: to meet new people face-to-face. We bring respect, decency, and reliability back to online dating. Forget being ghosted, flakes, and making endless small-talk--your thumbs will thank you later. The Round empowers you to arrange same-day dates with incredible people based on your shared tastes, location, and most importantly respect, straightforwardness, and common courtesy.

Limited time, limited matches

Much like HQ Trivia, dating is live on The Round. With your valuable time in mind, matchmaking rounds occur once a day at 3PM and last less than 10 minutes. When the round ends, if you get a match, you have until the end of the day to make plans, or that match expires.


Endless swiping makes you more concerned about racking up tons of matches and less concerned about meeting new people, going on dates, and building genuine relationships. If you come to The Round with honest intentions, you won’t leave feeling like a pawn in someone’s ego-boosting collection of matches. Instead, you’ll be surprised by one match - someone also looking to meet up, bringing humanity, integrity, and accountability into the online dating game (we know–it truly shouldn’t be a game).

Perfect Pairing of People & Places

Forget making the first move, how about we make some real plans. We know that this can be overwhelming so we’ve simplified things. Once you’ve matched, The Round suggests three curated date spots between you and your match’s location that matches your shared tastes. The Round suggests restaurants based on your preferences which means no planning headaches, satisfied stomachs, and conversation that flows like a glass of rosé.

Match & meet tonight

The beauty of dating, relationships, and ultimately love is that it can’t be found in an app alone. Current options that provide unlimited matches, insignificant conversations, and noncommittal exchanges fail to pave the way for true connection. As our search for companionship increasingly blends online options into the mix, The Round helps bring your digital connections offline, making it exciting and easy to find someone that you can connect with–perhaps your love at first bite.

What are you waiting for? We invite you to join The Round.

When it's the right time to make a move, we'll let you know.

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