Order This, Not That: The Best Foods to Order on a Date

Emily Merrell

Picture this, you're on your first date and the waiter comes over and asks what you want to order. You're paralyzed by his question and think about the future spinach clinging to your teeth later into the meal, or the garlic pesto invading everyone's personal space. Below are our proven best foods to order on a date so you never have to leave the waiter hanging again.

Pizza: We're All In This Together

If you and your date can figure out mutually agreeable toppings for your pizza you already know they are second date material. Pizza is an easy to eat food, a good price point if your date is picking up the tab and an easy conversation starter about favorite pizzas across the city.

Chicken: Nothing Chicken About This Order

Chicken of any type is a safe order, it's simple, not too smelly and easy to eat. Chicken is a lot like your date, a little bland but better with a little sauce.

Burger: Make yourself the Burger King or Queen

Yes, you read it right. We think you should order a burger on a first date! Why you ask? Because if the waiter says the restaurant is known for their burger or you know the place has a famous burger you GET THE BURGER. And be a dear and offer your date a bite.

No matter what you order on a date, order something that you're comfortable eating and don't freak out if your breath is filled with lingering garlic, there are mints for that. Most importantly, be yourself and don't forget to share your food.

When it's the right time to make a move, we'll let you know.

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