Meeting Your Match - 3 Fun First Dates in Austin

Leslie Termuhlen

A true journey into the unknown: the first date

Nerve-wracking and thrilling all at the same time. So many questions, so many mysteries and clearly, not enough wine. Your mind races… “What if we don’t hit it off?” or “What if his photos are 10 years old?” and even worse, “What if he likes cilantro and hates dessert?” (thank u next)! Picking a spot that suits you both can often be tough as it sets the tone for the entire date.

Sometimes it can be awkward or tough to sit across the table from a stranger and make a conversation, and other times exhilarating. We find that taking the date in smaller steps can often reduce the anxiety around the whole thing and creates multiple exciting moments, even on the first date. Check out these 3-part first dates that are easy, keep things fun and exciting.

Juiceland Smoothies, Lady Bird Lake, Congress Bridge Bats

Smoothies on the first date - sounds like a cop-out, right? We think it’s a great opener for a delicious date. It’s low-commitment, low-stress and easier to stomach than a sit-down dinner. Additionally, you’re able to judge someone right away based on just their smoothie order (Just kidding, all smoothies are considered equal here but we do love the Bam Bam and the Originator) and get a good feel for your match. Smoothies also come with some strong upside - they’re totally portable.

Take the smoothie with you and walk around Lady Bird Lake. It’s beautiful, casual, and a great way to get to know someone’s true personality. Naturally, you watch the sunset over the river and fall in love—that’s not going too far, right?

Then, finish the evening with some true Austinite tourism: watching the Congress Bridge bats fly into the dusk. Quite romantic to say the least.

Lazarus Brewery, Via 313, Concert at Scoot Inn

Open it up with some great beers and better conversation. We love hitting up Lazarus Brewery to start a date off - it’s a great way to casually meet people and their homebrewed beers are always delicious (we love the Amandus)! Let’s face it—it’s easier to meet new people when you’re a little tipsy. The conversation flows more easily and more naturally, which is the toughest part of a first date if you ask me.

Next, head down the street to Austin’s favorite pizza place, Via 313 to split a pie (or two, let’s be real). Insider tip - you can order toppings half/half if you can’t agree on a single pie ( the Cadillac/Omnivore combo never fails), or wanna explore some new flavors.

Last up, head to a concert - there's no shortage of live music in Austin, Texas. You can find a live show anywhere, pretty much at almost any time. Whether you’re into that genre of music or not, live music is always a fun way to go. We love the Scoot Inn - it’s a great open venue with plenty of places to grab food and drinks around the perimeter.

Casa de Luz Picnic, Activities at Zilker, Barton Springs Dip

For those a bit more active and healthy, here’s one for you! Pop into Casa de Luz and load up on some delicious food, it’s plant-based, super simple to order and can be packaged up for an incredible picnic on a Saturday afternoon.

After you’ve snagged your food, wander over to Zilker Park with some yoga mats, hammocks, or a blanket and enjoy a lovely picnic lunch. Beautiful green grass for miles and hoppy flop doggos running about, what could be better.

Let’s be honest, if the person you’re with doesn’t get along with all the dogs you will encounter, you’ve got permission to dump them IMMEDIATELY - it’s a solid filter.

The sweltering afternoon heat makes putting on some swimsuits and dipping in Barton Springs seem just right. The water is chilly but refreshing, jumping in together is a great way to get your heart pumping. Lucky for you, you might just have someone new you can hold on to for warmth.

With three mini-dates behind you, that second date is well within your reach, so don’t stress about it and it will come naturally. If you didn’t hit it off, at least you had fun eating yummy food and doing things outside. We love dating as a great way to meet and learn about new people, and learn about yourself in the process.

So what are you waiting for? Hop on The Round and get straight to the date. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

When it's the right time to make a move, we'll let you know.

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